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About the Blog

Welcome to my blog, I'm really happy that you are here !

I would like to invite you to stay and hope you have a good time, so I'll give you a little tour to make it easier for you to know what to find in each page: 
Conceptual, Portrait, Fashion and Nude is where you can find out about my work, what I've done, what I'm doing right now and what I'm planning to do next. I'm not much of a compulsive writer about what I do but i'm trying to change that now, so don't quit on me just now because I will start sharing more and more as I'm starting to gain the confidence to do so.

For Art's Sake it's everything that inspires me- including the work of other photographers, art in general, music, cinema, fashion, performance art, video art, street art, writings I find useful and everything you can think of. If you find that most of the posts are about fashion photographers or self-portrait photography, all I have to say in my defense is “that's natural since those are the areas where I focus most of my research.”
Here you will also find "Olho de Vidro" which can be translated to "Glass eye" and, basically is something like "a photo a day won't keep the doctor away ( but at least will keep you inspired )" or something to that matter.

The Craft is mostly about the craft itself, business strategies, equipment, techniques, tips and tricks, you name it. Here you can also read what other photographers have to say about being a photographer and watch some behind the scenes videos. I don't have much to say about business strategies or marketing for photographers for now, because I'm just starting to look at photography as a business, so I don't have wise words or the voice of experience to share with you guys. But, I follow a lot of blogs and I love to share some parts of posts from others to direct you to people I find inspiring.

In Personal Ramblings you can see all my work that is not on my professional portfolio, witch includes self-portrait photography, film, collaborative work I do with other artists such as the Mr.lazy & Mme.Leisure projects, video, performance and fine art prints. Here you also have the most "personal" aspect of the blog which it's something I'm not used to do here, but I will give it a try so you can know more about the person behind the pictures, what she does and her new life here in Barcelona.

And this is it. Excited? I am, very, and hopping to see you here again!