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Aisa Araújo (Lisbon, Portugal; 1987), with a degree in Theatre, worked as an actress and co-creator in several shows and participated in various workshops related to performing arts. Starts to collaborate with artistic collectives within the visual arts, like Super Gorrila and co-creates the creative duo Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure, beginning to develop photographic projects. Co-found Bitrigode - The Studio and joins the Professional Photography course at “Oficina da Imagem”. Having graduated with distinction, approved by the Association of Professional Photographers of Portugal, also receives an honorable mention in the category of Conceptual Photography for the project "Je est une Ature".
Currently working in Barcelona, Spain, accepting commissions for fashion, portrait, nude and fine art continues to develop projects of self-portrait photography, video and performance. Available for exhibiting and to collaborate in collective projects. 

Professional Photography, Oficina da Imagem, Porto 2011;
Theatre, Escola Superior Artes e Design, Caldas da Rainha, 2009;
Theatre Studies, Universidade de Évora, 2006.

Digital Photography Course, IPF, Porto 2010;
Butoh Workshop Contemporary Dance por Cécile Loyer, CACE, Porto 2010;
Masterclass Contemporary Dance, Matthieu Hocquemiller, Balleteatro, Porto, 2010;
Intensive Training, Animaforma, Óbidos, 2006;
Body and Movement Workshop, Luciano Amarelo, 2006;
Writing course for theater and film, Paula Perdigão, Seixal, 2004;
Intensive Film Course, Projecto Ficções, Seixal, 2003.

Porto Visto, photography, Gallery Pionés Romancine, Caldas da Rainha, 2011;
Arte da Guerra, Collective SuperGorrila, Fábrica do Braço de Prata, Lisboa, 2010;
Installation Coronel (de) Zé Ninguém, Colónia Internacional Collective 3, Alma em Formol, Porto, 2010.

"The Perfect City" - Intervention in the neighborhood of S. Victor, Porto, 2011
"Arte o Muerte" - Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure, Inaugurations of Miguel Bombarda, Porto, 2010
"PVC Podemos Votar Contra" - Collective SuperGorrila, Fábrica do Braço de Prata, Lisboa, 2010
"C.C.T.V." - Close Circuit Trans Voyeur - Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure, FICAS, Caldas da Rainha, 2010
Installation/Performance "Vende-se Alma ao Kilo" - Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure, Alma em Formol, Porto, 2010

. Portrait, Fashion, Art Nude, Fine Art Photography
. Creative sessions for actors/actresses, models, dancers, musicians and artists in general;
. Photo coverage of exhibitions, shows, performances, concerts, theater and dance;
. Documentary film/Videography;

Programs. Adobe Photoshop C.S.5 . Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Premier

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