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About Aisa Araújo

Hi I'm AIsa Araújo. 

Fine-art photographer specializing in Creative Portraiture, performed photographs and cinematographic wannabe images. Multidisciplinary artist. An old soul in a young woman body, with a teenager's appetite and the curiosity of a little child. Vintageaholic. Hopeless Romantic. Daydreamer. Nomad and Bird lover.

I have a college degree in Theater at ESAD.CR (School of Arts and Design, Caldas da Rainha), worked as an actress, co-created several shows and participated in various workshops related to performing arts.

  Photo: From the theater play "Se eu não puder dançar esta não é a minha revolução" with Teatro Útero

After starting to collaborate with artistic collectives within the visual arts, like Super Gorrila and co-creating the creative duo Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure, I began to develop photographic projects. Co-founded Bitrigode - The Studio and joined the Professional Photography course at Oficina da Imagem. Having graduated with distinction, I was approved by the Association of Professional Photographers of Portugal and received an honorable mention in the category of Conceptual Photography for the project "Je est une Autre".

 Photo: From the project "Je est un autre" 

Currently working in Barcelona, Spain, often going to Portugal and always ready to travel world while. You can find me photographing either with clients, other artists or doing self-portraits. Traveling, finding vintage treasures, hiking, doing yoga, reading, looking at photographs, birds and strangers.

 Photo: Traveling in the south of France​


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